April 27, 2017

Piñata Central

joker balloonGetting ready to throw a birthday party for your DTLA kid? Forget about driving to the mall for party supplies. There are two party districts right here in downtown where you can pick up piñatas, favors and decorations for half of what you’d pay at Party City.
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Best DTLA Birthday Cakes

Gourmet L.A. Bakery is one of the old-school Broadway businesses that I really, really, REALLY hope survives downtown gentrification. Located on Broadway next to Famima near 6th Street, this place is mobbed every morning with commuters buying cinnamon coffee, Mexican pastries and huge torta sandwiches (at $3.50 each, a super bargain).

But if you’re a DTLA parent, the real attraction here is the cakes, which seem to jump straight from some toddler’s sugar-fueled dreams. No matter what your kid’s current obsession may be—Disney princesses, Angry Birds, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Avengers—they can create a cake to feed it.

And the prices are insane: $40 for a custom decorated cake that will feed 10 kids. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and, our favorite, tres leches (aka three milks, a traditional Latino dessert). Did I mention they’re delicious too?
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