April 27, 2017

(Really) Fresh Chicken

It’s Saturday afternoon, you need to figure out what you’re cooking for dinner and you’re craving some fresh chicken. REALLY fresh chicken. What to do? Hop on the No. 45 Metro bus and check out the live poultry markets in Chinatown.

There are two poultry places on North Broadway: Peking Poultry and Superior Poultry (the poultry is superior because it was clucking just a few minutes before you get there). Peking Poultry has a wider selection of meats, including chicken, duck, rabbit, pork, and fish in tanks, as well as fresh vegetables; Superior Poultry has doesn’t have pork, fish, or veggies, though it does have quail and pheasant. But which one you choose really depends on your level of squeamishness: Peking has you pick out the animal you want for dinner while it’s alive and breathing; Superior hands you an already dead-and-bagged bird. I’m a chicken (har, har) so I prefer Superior myself.
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DTLA Grocery Guide

grocery storeWith the opening of Target at the FIGat7th shopping center, downtown Los Angeles now has two, count ’em, two supermarkets. This is not a small thing when you consider that just six years ago there were zero supermarkets in DTLA. But even though it’s great to have two supermarkets within walking distance, you may find that the local stores don’t meet all of your needs. Luckily, there are a lot of shopping options in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, most of them only a 10 minute drive or a quick Metro ride away. Here’s the scoop on where to shop. (If you have a favorite place to shop and don’t see it below, let me know about it in the comments!) [Read more…]